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Taking Solomon Islands' infrastructure into her own hands – Cora Makini

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Cora says she decided to study Civil and Environmental Engineering because of the poor and deteriorating state of infrastructure in the Solomon Islands. She sees this as a development issue, "directly related to the lack of progress in my country's development". Instead of simply complaining about it, she's deciding to be part of the solution.

She's very focused on the infrastructure sector and is pleased the QUT course has a strong environmental focus. This will adequately prepare me to understand the need to advocate for development that is environmentally sustainable.

Cora is excited to be selected to take part in Women's Leadership Initiative as part of her Australia Awards scholarship. "will be able to hone and develop skills that will equip me to meet the challenges facing women in general and will enable me to make a difference not only in my life but in the life of others as well.

A vital part of the Women's Leadership Initiative is the mentoring component and Cora is working with Danielle Swan, a Brisbane-based management consultant and business leader who has worked across the public and private sectorsDanielle and Cora are focusing on how to challenge stereotypes in traditionally male sectors, such as Cora's area of work and study, engineering, as well as on the personal skills required to achieve. Says Cora: "I believe that through the mentoring program, I can improve my personal growth, build confidence in myself and others, encourage me in my ongoing learning experience and my future plans.