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Leadership hats and community change – Dorothy Jolly

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Currently undertaking a Masters in IT Systems at Queensland University of Technology, Dorothy Jolly is one of the first cohort of the Australia Awards Women's Leadership Initiative. Embarking on a Masters as part of the prestigious Australia Awards is something she is already proud of, describing it as 'stepping up a notch higher in my career'.

Taking part in the Women's Leadership Initiative is taking things up another notch, with Dorothy reporting great learnings from the initial week of leadership training: 'The Australia Awards Women's Leadership Initiative is definitely a good program that moulds and showcases the hidden leadership skills and potentials that woman have within themselves. This great Initiative has inspired me personally and has changed my perception of leadership to a new dimension.'

Personally, she has also learned about the different domains of leadership, recognising she needs to change her 'leadership hat...to step out of my comfort zone to learn and grow and to impact change in my community.' 

Working with her mentor, Rachel Colaso, who has expertise in strategic engagement, project management and research, Dorothy will delve deeper into building networks and modelling positive leadership for other women. Skills she is sure will 'make an impact in whatever I do'.