Women leading and influencing



Eunice Eva seeking continuous improvement at work and in the home

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Part of her role at Hastings Deering PNG Limited in Port Moresby involves educating on hygiene and social distancing, as well as providing staff with hand sanitisers and face masks. With strict social distancing introduced at the company, Eunice is working to embed new processes and procedures that keep staff and the wider community safe.

It can be challenging to change behaviours, and Eunice has witnessed some complacency around sticking to the new rules. To combat this, she is drawing on skills learnt during her time on the Women's Leadership Initiative’s Leadership and Mentoring Program, and in particular a confidence in her abilities to assess and interact with a variety of people.

The program has "assisted me to speak up and correct [non-COVID safe] behaviour", Eunice explains. It has also equipped her with the tools to "deal with different [types] of people" and to ensure COVID-19 safety information is targeted to people's "capacity to understand what is being taught".

At home, she has taken the country's lockdown measures as a chance to spend extra time with her family. She's also taken it as an opportunity to appraise how they do things, taking a "real look at how I can improve the situation for my family as we move into the new normal...". This includes reviewing their living conditions and how seriously they take care of their own health. 

Eunice has also noticed the emergence of a community-wide "emphasis on looking after each other," which is certainly a positive effect of the pandemic in PNG.

Reflecting on the Women's Leadership Initiative, Eunice says the experiences "have assisted in my maturity as a leader and someone who will not settle for the norm, but go above and beyond to find ways of improving situations and processes I am associated with."

An eye on always improving is a great model for leadership in life — whether at home or in the workplace. 


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