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WLI Appoints 8 Alumni Representatives in PNG, Fiji & Samoa

Thursday, 17 November 2022

Australia Awards Women Leading and Influencing (WLI) has appointed eight Alumni Representatives across Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Samoa to help facilitate WLI alumni engagement and networking and increase the in-country support available to alumni returning home to the Pacific Islands after completing their studies. 

The appointments come in response to the overwhelming body of research that highlights the additional barriers faced by women alumni, compared with men, when returning home and attempting to move into and exercise leadership in professional and other domains.  

WLI’s focus on alumni engagement also represents a key shift in the new phase of the program, which will provide a range of in-country activities and opportunities to support WLI alumni in their transition back home. This will include (but not be limited to) access to ongoing training, coachingmentoring and counselling support, in-country leadership learning and networking activities, Pacific-based workplace internship and professional development opportunities, and expanded funding opportunities for leadership action.  

Consolidating this expansion to in-Pacific programming, the confirmed inaugural WLI Alumni Representatives for 2023 are: 

2022 WLI Alumni Representatives

The newly appointed WLI Alumni Representativeswill work together to advocate for the needs of alumni returning home, coordinate events and inform activities happening in their respective countries, and connect alumni with development and networking opportunities. 

WLI Alumni Representatives will hold their positions for 12 months, after which time a re-application and appointment process will be undertaken. There is also potential to expand the initiative to other Pacific countries in the future. 

WLI would like to sincerely thank the many outstanding applicants who put themselves forward for these positions and urge them to re-apply when WLI Alumni Representative roles re-open next year. 

For more information on the WLI Alumni Representatives contact: info@wliprogram.org