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Online Learning and Networking Event - Friday 26 June 2020

Friday, 26 June 2020

Leadership in Times of Uncertainty: A Panel Discussion

Life in the Pacific is never boring. Whether it is political shifts, natural disasters or the impacts of global pandemics, uncertainty is something that we live with and navigate on a frequent basis. What does leadership in times of uncertainty look like? What could it look like?

In this event, chaired by Dr Tess Newton Cain, attendees heard from a diverse range of Pacific speakers who shared their experiences of leading through times of uncertainty. 

Featuring the following speakers:

Dr Tess Newton Cain (Convenor) Pacific Hub Project Lead, Griffith Asia Institute

The Honorable Gary Juffa Governor of Oro Province and Member of the National Parliament of Papua New Guinea

Eleni Levin-Tevi Programme Coordinator & Head of the Office of the European Union National Authorising Officer of the Government of Tonga

Glen Craig Managing Partner, Pacific Advisory

Like all Learning & Networking events, this was open to all Australia Awards scholars from the Pacific. 

You can access the event summary notes and listen to the recording here.