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Online Learning and Networking Event- Friday 18 June 2021

Monday, 14 June 2021

Informal Urban Settlements in the Pacific: Challenges and Opportunities

Whilst we often think of Pacific island countries as being village-based and rural, the reality is that our towns and cities are growing. And informal settlements are a key part of this growth. These communities are complex locations - they present both challenges and opportunities for those who live there and for service providers. They are sites of precarity and resilience. Natural disasters, the impacts of climate change and shocks such as COVID-19 have particular effects on these settlements and the people who live there.

This webinar will bring together a number of experts to examine the complexities that urban informal settlements present to aid our understanding of them as communities in their own right and how they intersect with and contribute to the wider societies of which they are part.

Event Date and Time 

12.00-2.00pm AEST, Friday 18 June 2021

Guest Speakers

Dr Tess Newton Cain (Moderator), Project Leader for the Griffith Asia Institute's Pacific Hub

Dr Joseph Foukona, Academic and researcher, Solomon Islands

Welenie Yaki, Urban planning specialist, Papua New Guinea

Dr Luke Kiddle, Development practitioner, New Zealand/Solomon Islands 

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