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Congratulations Philmah for your internship

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Philmah Waken (Papua New Guinea) recently commenced an internship with Queensland's Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (QDAF).

She will spend two days a week until the end of June 2019 as a member of QDAF's Sweet Potato team, and will be based at QDAF's Gatton Research Facility. As part of this experience, Philmah will undertake sweet potato pot trials and build her knowledge and expertise in sweet potato research.

The importance of sweet potatoes to PNG's agricultural sector increase the value of this experience and Philmah's career path. 

"Sweet potato is a crucial food crop in my home country," explained Philmah. "As with any research, the knowledge of crop specific agronomy is essential in order to produce relevant applied knowledge to assist growers. This placement will enable me to gain this practical and useful knowledge."

Philmah was able to source this placement with the assistance of her mentor, Elizabeth (Liz) Brennan.

Philmah is also excited to learn more about the structure and workings of this large research organisation. She expects to gain insights that she will take back to PNG and for the experience to compliment her current Masters of Agricultural Science (University of Queensland).