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Taina Waqaliva

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Taina Waqaliva

Master of Food Science, The University of Melbourne

Since 2020, Taina has held the position of Senior Environmental Health Officer and leads the Food Unit of Fiji’s Ministry of Health and Medical Services. She is the youngest person appointed to the role, in which she leads and manages more than 50 officers and maintains overall food safety works in the Ministry’s Public Health Division. Taina was instrumental in reclaiming Fiji’s status in the European Union (EU) market on Fish and Fishery products export following delisting in 2008 which cost the region income and other export benefits. She has been commended for her work to increase collaboration between agencies to ensure complete information is available on all imported foods entering Fiji.

Passionate about the production and consumption of safe and healthy food to prevent illness, Taina hopes to improve the effectiveness (and enforcement) of food safety operating practices and policies in Fiji.