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Constantina Depaune

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Constantina Depaune

Bachelor of Public Health, Queensland University of Technology

Constantina is an experienced registered nurse and midwife specialising in sexual, reproductive, and family health, and provides counsel to families and young people on Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI). Through her clinical work and team management at the Republic of Nauru Hospital, Constantina has seen first-hand the negative mental and physical impact of gender disparity, especially as it relates to women’s lack of autonomy over their sexual and reproductive health and disinclination to report the family violence they experience.

Constantina has also supported various health promotion initiatives in Nauru, encouraging students to take up careers in health, and to promote healthy diet and behaviours on Radio Nauru. She hopes to be a voice for women in Nauru and aims to create strategies and networks to remove gender inequalities and help women acknowledge and enforce their right to health and safety.