Women leading and influencing

Rachel and Lyn

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Rachel Ramoifuila

Solomon Islands
Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (alumni)
Griffith University, QLD

Over 13 years, Rachel has worked as a general manager, operations and finance manager, and accountant for several Solomon Islands firms. Through an attitude of continuous self-learning and on-the-job training, Rachel has moved up into ever-more senior positions and developed strong skills in financial management. In her roles, Rachel has liaised with the Solomon Islands Government and other statutory authorities on issues of tax, auditing and systems compliance, as well as on maritime regulations. While in Australia, she managed the financial affairs of the Solomon Islands Brisbane Community.

Rachel intends to use her financial and accounting skills to work with victims of gender-based violence who are struggling financially; and to assist these women to find their own financial means to support themselves and their families.

Lynette (Lyn) Harper

Accountant/ Financial Trainer, VIC

Lyn successfully managed the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) for six years, as well as led teams in private enterprises and for international development agencies. She has worked across Solomon Islands, PNG, Fiji, Vanuatu, as well as in Asia and Australia, managing corporate, educational and international development projects.
Over her 30-year career, Lyn has worked has developed sound financial management processes, responsibilities and accountabilities, while building up the confidence of people engaged in this area.

As an Associate trainer with Humentum (formerly Management Accounting for NGOs / MANGO), Lyn supports NGOs in the Pacific through the design and delivery of financial training workshops, capacity building and mentoring in various aspects of financial planning, management and reporting.