Women leading and influencing

Myjolynne and Emma

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Myjolynne Kim

Federated States of Micronesia (FSM)
PhD - Pacific History
Australian National University, ACT

Myjolynne is underway with a doctorate that examines ways to re-engage local histories of Chuukese women. She has found that while women are discouraged from political participation for cultural reasons, many areas within the region of Micronesia are primarily a matrilineal society and therefore traditional cultural roles afford women a leadership platform. Myjolynne would like to have the women of FSM properly acknowledged as primary guardians of the land, environment, societies, and families, and to take on political leadership roles as their cultural rights and responsibilities. She plans to start this by facilitating programs that encourage families to hold gender equality conversations.

During her career, Myjolynne has held a diversity of roles, from Executive Director of FSM's Association of Chambers of Commerce, to supporting Chuuk's Education Reform Plan and volunteering as Chuuk Youth Council President for four years.


Emma Tiaree

Principal Executive, International Programs, CARE Australia, ACT

Over the past thirteen years, Emma has built up experience in public policy and international development, including high-level representation, public diplomacy, media engagement and advocacy for Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and CARE Australia. She spent a decade in the Pacific and South East Asia establishing regional strategies and large-scale programs that promote sustainable development, gender equality and human rights. In these roles, she also brokered strategic partnerships with government, business, multilateral and non-governmental organisations.

Supported by tertiary qualifications in International Relations and Environmental Management, Emma initially worked on issues of natural resources policy and water quality for the New South Wales government - for Treasury, the Office of Environment and Heritage, and the Department of Premier and Cabinet.