Women leading and influencing

Greta and Sarah

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Greta Harris

Master of Public Policy / Master of Diplomacy (alumni)
Australian National University, ACT

Greta is committed to increasing the number of women politicians in Nauru and addressing the structural barriers that affect women's leadership, including childcare and access to property. Through her own experience of contesting elections and her studies in diplomacy and public policy, she is keen to implement grassroots movements that bring women into leadership positions in a politically neutral manner, as this should be embraced as a positive development for any nation.

Professionally, Greta has been the Economic Sector Director of Nauru's Ministry of Finance and managed health and private sector development for the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Environment. She also has been the President of the Nauru National Youth Council and actively involved in numerous community development initiatives.

Sarah Carter

Deputy Mayor, Maribyrnong City Council /
Manager, Australia Aid and Parliament Project, Save the Children Australia, VIC

Sarah is the youngest woman to become Mayor of Maribyrnong City Council. She has run three successful political campaigns, which have all seen her elected as a councillor to this western Melbourne area. At the council, Sarah became the first Gender Equity Ambassador after leading policy reform, debate and public awareness campaigns about gender-based violence and respectful relationships. Sarah also has a background in communications and public relations.

In her current role at Save the Children Australia, Sarah designed and implements the Australian Aid and Parliament project. This provides Australian members of parliament with firsthand experiences of aid initiatives and educates them on the importance of Australia's foreign aid commitments.