Women leading and influencing

Cora and Danielle

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Cora Makini

Solomon Islands
Bachelor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Queensland University of Technology, QLD

 is undertaking a Bachelor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Queensland University of Technology, a decision motivated by a desire to be contribute to positive development in Solomon Islands. After complaining about the poor state of infrastructure in her country, Cora was challenged by her father to 'do something about it' - and applied to study engineering soon afterwards.

On completion of her degree, Cora plans to return to Solomon Islands to work in the social/ development side of infrastructure engineering. In addition to playing a positive role in her country's future, Cora is also passionate about women in the Solomon Islands becoming more involved in traditionally male dominated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers.

She hopes that the leadership skills developed through the Women's Leadership Initiative, coupled with her technical skills, will not only benefit her own career but also model leadership in the sector for young women and girls who may not have considered engineering and other STEM fields as viable career options.


Danielle Swan

Jacobs Engineering Group, QLD

 is an experienced multidisciplinary management consultant and business leader. Currently Strategy and Economic Advisory Services Principal for the Jacobs Engineering Group, Danielle has a proven track record providing advice on strategic business planning across both the public and private sectors.

Throughout her career, Danielle has held a number of senior management positions, including managing large teams of up to 70 personnel. She has also held senior contract management positions, including as National Defence Panel Manager for the provision of environmental services across the Defence portfolio.

Outside of her work life, Danielle volunteers her time as President of the Ecumenical Coffee Brigade (ECB), a body providing food and support to Brisbane CBD's homeless and marginalised community.